Building Systems and Services

Recurrent Innovative Solutions’  full  suite  of  Building  Systems  and  Services  includes  full-time  and  scheduled  Facility  Support Services, and the delivery, maintenance, & management of Building Automation and HVAC Systems.

Onsite Facility Support Services (FSS)

Managing change while delivering consistency is at the heart of successfully delivering facility support services. We master the fundamentals by providing the right people with the precise skills, judgement and experience to execute all your facility support requirements. We excel by improving your tenant comfort and satisfaction.

Our comprehensive FSS Suite of Services include mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, project management services, and building engineering support for commercial office buildings, retail outlets, warehouses, and small business office spaces.  Delivery of these services are tailored to meet your unique needs through complete facilities maintenance agreements, building engineering staffing assignments, scheduled routine facilities maintenance and inspections, and emergency standby support.

Building Automation Systems BAS and Services

Recurrent Innovative Solutions’ BAS team provides design, installation, retrofitting, maintenance and repair solutions for new and existing Building Automation Systems. The company’s Network Operations Center (RENOC) integrates single or multiple Building Automation Systems to a remote monitoring and operations center. The center is staffed by programmers and operators tasked with ensuring optimum building performance and responding to alarms and abnormal conditions. RENOC combined with maintenance and repair services, ensures the BAS continues to operate as designed, with regularly scheduled file backups, software updates, device calibration and testing, user training and operating schedule verification. We use open protocol BACnet compatible platforms and systems including Tridium, Vykon and Facility Explorer.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems and Services

Recurrent Innovative Solutions’ HVAC Systems and Service team provides preventive maintenance contracts, service agreements, unit replacements and upgrade services to commercial property owners, managers, operators, and tenants. Our staff is experienced in both packaged and large central plant systems.


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